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Delay Roline Redoux as Suwannee River rises after Hurricane Hermine 2016-09-05

Update 2016-09-04: “We’re on for Monday morning! River excellent condition,” says expedition leader Phil Hubbard.

With water still coming downstream from Hurricane Hermine and storms following, USGS WSPF1 at White Springs expedition leader Phil Hubbard says:

I’m thinking looking at the weather forecast, the only safe call we can make today is to delay till Monday pend river level. The rain probability is actually higher on Sunday but looks good for Monday.

So we’re rescheduling Redoux Roline for 10 AM Monday morning September 5th 2016, still at Roline.

At lest now now we know the Suwannee River won’t be too low!

Hoping to see you there. Details are still in the first blog post.


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Chris Beckham broadcasting on emergency power 2016-09-02

We talked about outings at 7:30 as scheduled, although it’s not clear who could hear. The whole St Augustine Rd area is dark, including Black Crow’s online streaming. We’re scheduling another time for next week. And thanks to Chris and the crew who camped out in the station all night!

Chris Beckham asked if we would reschedule the Suwannee River outing. Yep, delayed until Monday due to weather.

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