Sabal Trail, Bell Bros, WWALS, Solar in APN 2016-09-12

The Bell brothers, Flint Riverkeeper, and John S. Quarterman of WWALS all against Sabal Trail in an Atlanta publication. Come on down to the Suwannee River Tuesday near Jasper, FL or to the Withlacoochee River between Quitman and Valdosta, GA 9AM Saturday Sep. 17th to see for yourself what we’re protecting and to say your piece on video.

Gloria Tatum, Atlanta Progressive News, 12 September 2016, Proposed SabaL Gas Pipeline runs through aquifer, wetlands, sinkhole territory,

“This is the last gasp of the dying fossil fuel industry….now that there are more solar power jobs than in all of oil and gas extraction,” John Quarterman, President of … WWALS Watershed Coalition in south Georgia and north Florida, told Atlanta Progressive News.

“Solar is the least expensive of all power sources, does not require three years to permit it, doesn’t require eminent domain, and [you] can install a big solar plant in a few months,” Quarterman said….

“We are taking risks with our sole source of drinking water,” Quarterman said.

“What we are seeing is short-term profiteering at the expense of our water, our environment, and our property rights,” Quarterman said.

WWALS is the Waterkeeper® Alliance Affiliate for the upper Suwannee River in south Georgia and north Florida, including the Withlacoochee River.


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