Protect Withlacoochee River from Sabal Trail @ US 84 2016-09-17

Update 2016-09-23: Sabal Trail protests continue, Valdosta Daily Times, 2016-09-23.

Update 2016-09-17: James Bell with WWALS at Withlacoochee US 84 bridge.

Update 2016-09-16: James Bell of the family being bulldozed right now by Sabal Trail will be at the US 84 Withlacoochee bridge with us 9AM Saturday morning.

Get in the picture on the bridge with boats at the proposed pipeline crossing in the background, on US 84 over the Withlacoochee River, half way between Quitman and Valdosta, GA. You, and the news media, too, are invited this Saturday 9AM! You may have seen Tuesday’s Suwannee River action on WCTV; you can come join us at the Withlacoochee River Saturday. No Dakota Access Pipeline #NoDAPL, No Sabal Trail #NoSabalTrail, #WaterIsLife.

#NoDAPL #NoSabalTrail Withlacoochee River @ US 84

Help demand the Army Corps re-evaluate its permit for Sabal Trail just like its permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Both pipelines should be canceled: keep it in the ground!

This WWALS Outing is part of the #NoDAPL Solidarity Weeks of Action Sep. 3-17, tying the Dakota Access oil Pipeline to the Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline through their ownership by the same companies. This outing is also a followup to the Waterkeeper Alliance letter in support of the Standing Rock Sioux against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is going to re-evaluate its permit for DAPL, and it should do the same for its permit for Sabal Trail, because USACE also did not properly evaluate evidence including a hydrology report organized by Bobby C. Billie, one of the Clan Leaders and Spiritual Leader, Council of the Original Miccosukee Simanolee Nation Aboriginal Peoples.

When: 9:00 AM Saturday September 17th 2016

Where: US 84 Bridge over the Withlacoochee River
between Quitman and Valdosta, GA

GPS: 30.793616, -83.451403

Address: 5014 Thomasville Road, Valdosta, GA

Directions: From Valdosta, take West Hill Avenue 11 miles to the river.
From Quitman, take East Screven Street 6.5 miles to the river.
From Florida, take I-75 north, exit 16, go west on US 84 to the river.
From the north, take I-75 south, exit 16, go west on US 84 to the river.

Events: facebook, meetup

Responsible Party: John S. Quarterman

Parking: In the median of US 84. Be careful; it’s a busy highway.


  1. A very easy walk on the bridge. There is a walkway on the north side of the bridge. Just be careful of traffic.
  2. A steep climb down the very rough bridge embankment to the river, and a very short paddle to the pipeline crossing.

For paddling, if you don’t have a boat, let us know and we’ll see about rustling one up. If you do have a boat, bring the usual paddle, personal flotation device, water, snacks, etc.

The proposed Sabal Trail crossing appears to be at about 30.795273, -83.452722, which is easily visible from the bridge.

FERC already authorized Sabal Trail to commence drilling under the Withlacoochee River, starting west of the river in Brooks County and surfacing south of US 84 and Old Quitman Highway in Lowndes County.

Withlacoochee River HDD, Brooks Co. & Lowndes Co., GA

Withlacoochee River HDD, Brooks Co. & Lowndes Co., GA

U384 & Withlacoochee River HDD, KMI Pipeline, Lowndes Co, GA

U384 & Withlacoochee River HDD, KMI Pipeline, Lowndes Co, GA

An appropriate chant, as heard Tuesday at the Suwannee River in Florida:

How many pipelines do we want?

When do we want them?

WWALS at Suwannee River Sabal Trail Crossing 2016-09-13
Video by Phil Hubbard for WWALS Watershed Coalition (WWALS)

There is no excuse for this Sabal Trail boondoggle now that FPL’s own 2016 Ten Year Plan says Florida needs no new electricity until 2014 at the earliest. Follow that link for some things you can do about it even if you can’t come to the river Saturday morning.

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