Adam Dubbin announces Suwannee Riverkeeper

Adam Dubbin, World Waters Weekly, 30 December 2016, about 4 minutes into his facebook video:

Adam Dubbin …breaking news, if you will. John S. Quarterman has been selected as the Suwannee Riverkeeper. If you’re not familiar with the Riverkeeper role, it’s part of a bigger organization called the Waterkeeper Alliance. It’s a sort of, it’s a way to formalize the care of these rivers, and also these people are river warriors, out there documenting things and providing the type of information we need to know if somebody is not in compliance or if something is not right. They basically are boots on the ground.

I have not met John personally, but I have interacted with him a lot and I’ve read a lot of his work. He runs WWALS Watershed Coalition webpage which is extremely informative; very well-vetted information and I use it a lot when I am trying to clarify things. So this guy he’s a great addition to what we’re trying to do here. Well, not an addition; he’s been here all along, but he’s now been given an official role on the Suwannee River. So I just want to send a shout-out to him and let you all know that river is now in good hands.

Thanks Adam Dubbin. While the Suwannee Riverkeeper is a specific named individual, it’s also an organization (WWALS Watershed Coalition) that interacts with everyone else active in its watersheds, so it’s a platform to help magnify everything all of you are doing. More about that here.


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