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Adam Dubbin announces Suwannee Riverkeeper

Adam Dubbin, World Waters Weekly, 30 December 2016, about 4 minutes into his facebook video:

Adam Dubbin …breaking news, if you will. John S. Quarterman has been selected as the Suwannee Riverkeeper. If you’re not familiar with the Riverkeeper role, it’s part of a bigger organization called the Waterkeeper Alliance. It’s a sort of, it’s a way to formalize the care of these rivers, and also these people are river warriors, out there documenting things and providing the type of information we need to know if somebody is not in compliance or if something is not right. They basically are Continue reading

Pictures: Redoux Suwannee River Roline to Cypress Creek 2016-09-05

Update 2019-05-01: To be continued, Saturday, May 4, 2019, Cypress Creek South Launch to Cone Bridge Ramp, Suwannee River.

Boats on both sides of the rapids 30.5204800, -82.7180800 Rapids, a spring, a creek, lunch with the WWALS banner on a beach, old bridge pylons, spring, some rapids, Rocky Creek, the WWALS banner at lunch, Turner Bridge pylons, and a painting boat on the Suwannee River on a WWALS Saturday Outing rescheduled to Monday due to Hurricane Hermine. Plus some videos and a google map.

Spring 30.5579067, -82.7266533

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