Waterkeeper Alliance asks Obama to halt DAPL

WWALS has been tying #NoDAPL to #NoSabalTrail for some time, because water protectors here continue to fight Sabal Trail for many of the same reasons as the Standing Rock Sioux fight the Dakota Access Pipeline, plus one of the DAPL pipeline companies, Enbridge, is buying Spectra Energy, the Sabal Trail pipeline company, and many of the same banks finance both.

Plus even FPL admits there’s no need for new electricity for Florida until 2024 at the earliest, which means there’s no need for Sabal Trail.

Waterkeeper Alliance, 3 November 2016, Waterkeeper Alliance Calls on President Obama to Halt the Dakota Access Pipeline and Uphold the Rights of Water Protectors,

Today, in a letter to President Obama, Waterkeeper Alliance called for the President, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, to order an immediate halt to work on the Dakota Access Pipeline until a full, and comprehensive, review of the entire 1,200 mile pipeline is conducted to analyze the impacts to the land, water, and cultural resources along the entire route of the proposed project. Waterkeeper Alliance echoes the calls by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe for the Department of Justice to immediately intervene to end the violent suppression of peaceful protest in North Dakota, and honor the rights of the water protectors to engage in peaceful protest.

There’s more in the Waterkeeper post. WWALS was one of the 93 Waterkeepers that signed a letter of #NoDAPL solidarity.

And here is more about #NoSabalTrail.