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Pipeline opposition rebuts wild-eyed Congressional distractions 2018-03-08

The headline would read better in this order: “Congressional Committee trolls energy policy.”

Suwannee Riverkeeper John Quarterman… said the science committee’s chairman, U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, was making “wild-eyed attempts to divert from the misdeeds of his patron, the fossil fuel industry.”

Steve Patterson, Jacksonville.com, 8 March 2018, Congress: Russians trolled Florida pipeline debate,

Efforts by Russian internet trolls to destabilize the U.S. energy industry reached all the way to Florida and the controversy over construction of the Sabal Trail gas pipeline, according to a Congressional report.

For my previous takedown of that report, see Fossil fuels are a far bigger threat than the Russians.

And if the Russians were behind me spotting from the air this frac-out of Sabal Trail drilling mud up into the Withlacoochee River in Georgia, they’re way behind in their payments.

Turbidity curtains and black pipe from the north bank
View from the south bank of Sabal Trail turbidity curtains and pipe from the north bank of the Withlacoochee River, about 2000 feet upstream from the US 84 bridge.
Photo: John S. Quarterman, October 22nd 2016.

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White Springs to Woods Ferry, Suwannee River 2018-05-12

Join us for a leisurely scenic paddle on the dark oak-stained waters of the historic Suwannee Riverpast the White Sulfur Springs Bath House, Stephen Foster Cultural Center, and under Interstate 75, on to Woods Ferry Launch.

When: 9 AM, Saturday, May 12, 2018

Put In: White Springs Wayside Park

GPS: 30.32576, -82.73872

Take Out: Woods Ferry Tract Launch

Bring: the usual personal flotation device, boat paddles, food, drinking water, warm clothes, and first aid kit. Also trash pickers and trash bags: every WWALS outing is also a cleanup.

Cost: This outing is free to WWALS members, and $10 (ten dollars) to non-members. We recommend you support the work of WWALS by becoming a WWALS member today!

Event: facebook, meetup

US 41 Suwannee River Bridge
Photo: Beth Gammie on Southwings flight for WWALS 2016-11-23 of US 41 Bridge, Suwannee River, White Springs, Florida.

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