Push the Florida fracking ban through 2018-03-01

WWALS joins Florida Sierra Club in asking you to this link push the Florida Fracking ban through to a vote:

Senate Bill 462— Advanced Well Stimulation Treatment by Senator Dana Young (R-Tampa)—has passed two committees and has one to go — but there are no more scheduled meetings. Its companion House Bill 237 by Rep. Kathleen Peters (R-Treasure Island) has not even been heard in its first committee.

But there’s still time — leadership can schedule more meetings or bring the bills to the floor for a vote.

Follow this link for a convenient form to send email to your Florida statehouse member.

WWALS is a member of Floridians Against Fracking

Floridians Against Fracking logo

Fracking and drilling associated with fracking for oil and natural gas poses a direct and immediate threat to the drinking water, air, food, health, wildlife, climate, and economy of communities across Florida….

What are the tenets of the coalition?

  1. Fracking is inherently unsafe.
  2. We define fracking as including the processes and treatments associated with hydraulic fracturing, acid fracking, acidization, and well stimulation for the purpose of oil and gas exploration and production.
  3. We believe fracking cannot be safely regulated.
  4. Therefore, we support a ban on fracking in Florida.
  5. We believe the path to winning a ban on fracking n Florida includes working to build an engaged citizenry that recognize these facts and are pushing for the ban.

I went to Tallahassee at the end of January with RethinkEnergy Florida and visited the offices of every Florida statehouse member who represents any part of the Suwannee River Basin. All of us together did get SB 462 out of one committee but it’s now stalled in another. So please contact Florida Senator Montford, Bradley, or Perry and ask them to ask their colleagues to get a move on SB 462.

Also contact your Florida House member and ask them to do something about HB 237.

Follow this link for a convenient form to send email to your Florida statehouse member.

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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