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WWALS Watersheds google map

Update 2020-01-25: Superseded by WWALS Suwannee River Basin Map and All Landings in the Suwannee River Basin, now that Suwannee Riverkeeper territory includes the entire Basin plus Estuary, since Waterkeeper Alliance agreed to add the Ichetucknee and Santa Fe Rivers on September 26, 2019.

Update 2017-10-30: River flowlines.
Update 2017-10-08: Better colors plus a Suwannee River Basin map.
Update 2017-04-13: Since December 2016 WWALS Watersheds have included the Lower Suwannee River HUC 03110205 and the Suwannee River Estuary, approved by Waterkeeper Alliance the same time as the license for Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®.

Small, WWALS Watersheds Map Legend

Click on this link for an interactive google map of WWALS watersheds.

The images you see here are static screenshots of that google map. Follow the link above for the actual google map.

The watershed outlines are from Continue reading

Pictures: Long Alapaha Outing, GA 135 to GA 168 2016-02-20

You never know on our blackwater rivers in south Georgia and north Florida. The danger! The thrill of the rapids!

After WWALS banner by Gretchen Quarterman OK, it was actually more like paddling on a lake with a current. The hardest part was when the wind picked up against us a few times. Sometimes we heard what sounded like rapids, but it was just flotsam lodged against oak trees.

But that’s the point: you really never know until you’re on the water, and on a trip like this with no good takeout until the end of the 18.25 miles, being prepared it much better than not.

The current did make for Continue reading

Expert paddlers get ready for Long Alapaha River Paddle, GA 135 to GA 168 (Berrien Beach) 2016-02-20

Update 2016-02-21: Actually it took 6 hours. Here are some pictures.

The water is high and fast, so expert paddlers only, arrive by 8AM at GA 135 (Atkinson County side), and be ready so we can shuttle quickly and get on the Alapaha River as soon as possible. 2015-02-19 to 2016-02-19 It’s a long way and we need to be off the river before dark. Berrien County Sheriff, game warden, and emergency response have all been advised of this trip, but expert paddlers only, please. As always, bring personal flotation devices, warm layers of clothes, drinking water, food, and a change of dry clothes. There is no good place to take out before the end point, so be prepared to paddle all day.

The USGS Gauge at Alapaha, GA shows 9.41 feet this morning, which is a good level. The Statenville gauge shows 17.32, which while well below flood level is also well above our usual recommended high of 9 feet. That Statenville gauge is quite a few river miles (56 miles) below our takeout point at GA 168, so the main bulk of rainfall in the river has apparently already moved downstream. But the water is very high and very fast. You will come up on any deadfalls or overhanging limbs quite quickly. Expert paddlers only. There are many other outings and events coming up that are much better suited for other paddlers.

2015-02-19 to 2016-02-19

Continuing our exploration of the entire Alapaha River Water Trail, Tall from Willacoochee we’re into the longer stretches, including this one.

Events: facebook, meetup.

When: 8AM Saturday 20 February 2016

Put In: GA 135, MILE 106.5, Atkinson County side, 2.8 miles south of Willacoochee, GA, Atkinson County.

Take Out: GA 168 (Berrien Beach), MILE 88.24, N side of GA 168, west side of Alapaha River; float downstream under the bridge to the sand beaches, Berrien County

Duration: 18.25 miles. This paddle could take as long as 9-10 hrs.

Shuttle: Probably more than 30 minutes due to distance.

End time: Around 6PM. Yes, really all day.

Responsible party: Chris Mericle

This outing is Free! But we encourage you to join WWALS today to support our fun outings and important work: Continue reading

Workshop at VSU, Outings, Movie, and Hike to the Suwannee River –WWALS to Lowndes County Commissioners

Following up on the invitation I gave them in person last week, I sent this to the Lowndes County Commissioners just now, addressed to all five voting Commissioners, the Chairman, and the County Clerk:

Subject: Workshop at VSU, Outings, Movie, and Hike to the Suwannee River

Dear Commissioners,

Thanks again for the continued work on the Alapaha Boat Ramp, which will contribute to the quality of life recommended in the Comprehensive Plan.

As I mentioned at your Regular Session last week, you are invited to several WWALS events coming up soon, especially this one, which requires no boats: Continue reading

Suwannee County Commission voted to oppose fracking 2016-02-16

WWALS member Debra Johnson reported last night on SpectraBusters, Suwannee County Opposes Fracking and Revocation of Home Rule,

Joining Forty-one different cities and 27 counties in Florida that have voted to ban fracking or have expressed their opposition to it since January 2015, Suwannee County BOCC approved three identical fracking opposition letters to Governor Scott, Pro-fracking Bill Sponsors Senator Richter (SB 318) and House Representative Rodrigues (HB 191) tonight. These bills also contain language that would eliminate Home Rule for local governments concerning fracking.

Chairman Jason Bashaw stated that the board was in agreement that Continue reading