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AJC at Moody AFB about groundwater contamination 2018-12-07

A month ago at Beatty Branch:

“Everything in this area depends on groundwater,” said John Quarterman, the Suwannee Riverkeeper in Lowndes County, where Moody is located. “I’m not saying that Moody necessarily did make enough contamination to be a problem, but I can’t tell from this report, and I don’t think it’s our responsibility to determine that they didn’t.”

[Photographer Hyosub Shin and Reporter Meris Lutz]
Photographer Hyosub Shin and Reporter Meris Lutz, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, online today and in Sunday’s Atlanta paper newspaper, Contaminated groundwater, a toxic legacy of Georgia’s air bases, 3 January 2019.

Moody Air Force Base tested their own wells, and found them clean. Which is good, but

[Figure 2 AFFF Area Locations]
Figure 2 AFFF Area Locations

their wells are much deeper than the wells the rest of us use in the country around here. Moody did not test any of those wells; Continue reading

Ockolocoochee, Little River 1889-01-29

Who knows the Ockolocoochee River? No, not the Ochlockonee River; that’s a bit to the west. You do know the Ockolocoochee River as the Little River, of the Withlacoochee, of the Suwannee. Here is news from 1889 that also includes the boat that didn’t survive from Troupville to Ellaville, which was apparently not a paddlewheel steamer.

Irwin County, 1885a, GeorgiaInfo, Rand McNally Map of Georgia, 1885

Atlanta Constitution, January 29, 1889, Pg 12., quoted in Ray City History Blog, 18 October 2010, More About Troupville, GA and the Withlacoochee River,


VALDOSTA, Ga., January 19. -[Special.]- Away up near the northern limit of the great wiregrass section there is a big cypress swamp. They call them bays there. From this bay emerges Continue reading

Brooks County Comprehensive Plan Workshop

More about that in a previous post.

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

You can join this fun and work by becoming a WWALS member today!

Workshop, Greater Brooks 2030 Comprehensive Plan, 2017-02-07

First on the list of Areas Requiring Special Attention in Brooks County, Georgia:

  • Areas of significant natural or cultural resources, particularly where they are likely to be intruded upon or otherwise impacted by development; such as wetlands, groundwater recharge areas and river corridors.

http://wwals.com/blog/pictures/2007-01-01--brooks-compplan/[Map D-4 Water Resource Protection Districts]
Map D-4 Water Resource Protection Districts

According to Ariel Godwin of the Southern Georgia Regional Commission,

The next workshop for the Brooks County Comprehensive Plan will be:

Thursday, February 7th, 2017
9:30 a.m
Brooks County Commission Offices
610 South Highland Street, Quitman

In this workshop we will work on the Land Use Maps and Character Areas.

We are inviting you to participate to ensure Continue reading

Map of American Rivers by Nelson Minar

Here’s a map of all rivers in the U.S. by Nelson Minar. Lower 48 U.S. It actually covers the lower 48 states and is pretty impressive at that scale. Plus you can zoom in.

Gulf and south Atlantic

Here you can see rivers running to the Gulf start all the way up Continue reading

Ray’s Mill Pond, 2016-04-02

See you 9AM tomorrow morning April 3rd for the WWALS Outing at the 3,500 acre Ray’s Mill Pond, View from boatramp which is open for boating 24/7; just put a dollar in the box. In the evenings Monday thru Thursday, don’t park your boat on the pavement because the restaurant is open then, and it’s very popular, but no worries on a Sunday morning.

You can join this fun and work by becoming a WWALS member today!


You can join this fun and work by becoming a WWALS member today!

View from boatramp
View from boatramp

Deposit .00 Launch Fee Here
Deposit .00 Launch Fee Here

Launch Fee .00
Launch Fee .00

No Boat Trailers on Paved Lot Thursday Thru Saturday 4PM til 10PM
No Boat Trailers on Paved Lot Thursday Thru Saturday 4PM til 10PM

Busy restaurant parking lot
Busy restaurant parking lot

Cat Creek flooding
Cat Creek flooding

Rays Mill Pond spillway
Rays Mill Pond spillway

View from walkway
View from walkway

Alapaha and Withlacoochee Rivers @ GA 122 18 February 2013

video playlist Movies on 18 February 2013 after the first rains of the Alapaha River on GA 122 at Lakeland in Lanier County and the Withlacoochee River at GA 122 and Hambrick Road in Lowndes County and some points in between.

Withlacoochee in the woods with sunlight Withlacoochee River overflow Withlacoochee River broad

Withlacoochee River broad

Here’s a video playlist.

Continue reading